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Who We Are

Custom Staffing Solutions was founded on the principle that in today’s ever-changing workforce, a staffing partner needs to be more than a recruiting platform for its clients. We take a proactive approach in developing a tailored staffing solution to help reduce turnover, increase employee engagement and boost overall productivity for flexible workforces. We also work to position talent with strong organizations, allowing great employees the opportunity to perform at their highest levels.

As an individually owned and operated business, we provide a personalized customer experience that is tailored to meeting each client’s unique business goals. As a staffing partner, we work together with you to gain a better understanding of the needs, culture, model and overall company plan. In turn, Custom Staffing Solutions will use that knowledge to create a workforce strategy designed to align with the objectives of each client.

Thirty years of industry experience allows our leadership team to serve as subject matter experts with a consultative approach. We leverage that knowledge and experience to build an innovative model that enhances a company’s workforce strategy.