Solutions That Work

Custom Staffing Solutions provides a wide range of services and has the experience to meet your staffing demands with speed, accuracy, ease and adaptability.


Our recruitment solutions are designed to leverage our industry knowledge and relationships to connect talent with opportunities that are relevant to one another.

Managed Services

Our managed services are uniquely designed for flexibility and growth while also meeting the workforce demands by providing a pipeline of talent.

1099 Qualification

We are experienced and effective liaisons to independent contractors, making it easier for companies to enjoy the services of top contracted talent.

Projects (SOW)

CSS provides statement of work solutions that enhance your project-based workforce, aligning processes and practices with your overall strategy.

Payroll Services

Our staffing solutions include payroll services, which increases the efficiency of your company, allowing you to focus on your business.

Onsite Workforce Management

We deliver a spectrum of services based on your talent needs with onsite workforce management that provides the technology and expertise you need.


With a wealth of staffing experiences that are as deep as they are broad, our consulting services are comprehensive while remaining precise and focused.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The outsourcing services at Custom Staffing Solutions widens your talent options, helping you stay meet demand and stay competitive.

Career Progression (Outplacement)

Our career progression services improve your organization’s image productivity, profits and staff morale, cutting the time to locate new employment in half.